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Amen to The Rude Pundit

By | January 11, 2006

The Rude Pundit is at it again, this time lambasting Democratic senators for their horrible no-show at Alito’s nomination hearings: How about this for a Democratic strategy now and in the debate after – act like the general public is fuckin’ sick of the Republicans and how they’ve led the nation. Act like Americans are… Read More »

Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court?

By | October 3, 2005

Hmmm… I have no idea how to take the news that Harriet Miers has been nominated for the open Supreme Court position. On the negative side, do we really want one of Bush’s buddies assigned to yet another important role in government? Didn’t we learn just how bad that was with Michael Brown and FEMA?… Read More »

The Rude Pundit’s opinion of John Roberts

By | July 20, 2005

So what does the Rude Pundit think of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts? A lot, and it’s all friggin hysterical. Bottom-line: “Instead, glory be, he presented America with another Harvard-educated white guy, one more privileged D.C. lawyer who was Daddy’s boy once, and a motherfucker. Someone who you can bet was given a list of… Read More »