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Amen to The Rude Pundit

The Rude Pundit is at it again, this time lambasting Democratic senators for their horrible no-show at Alito’s nomination hearings: How about this for a Democratic strategy now and in the debate after – act like the general public is fuckin’ sick of the Republicans and how they’ve led the nation. Act like Americans are begging for someone to stop the crazy train we’re on. ‘Cause if you can’t pull the emergency brake, then youLearn More

Can Alito be impartial about Roe -vs- Wade?

If there’s any doubt whether Alito can be partial regarding Roe -vs- Wade or not, Alito’s own words from the past should dispel them. Documents show Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito was pleased about anti-abortion efforts he backed while working in the solicitor general’s office. Alito wrote in 1985 that he was proud of his Reagan-era work helping the government argue that “the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion.” Alito wrote theLearn More

Miers Backed Ban on Most Abortions in ’89

Anyone wo still believes that Harriet Miers can be impartial on abortion issues if appointed to the Supreme Court needs to take a look at this: Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers pledged unflagging opposition to abortion as a candidate for the Dallas City Council in 1989, according to documents released Tuesday. She backed a constitutional amendment to ban the procedure in most cases and promised to appear at “pro-life rallies and special events.” Asked inLearn More

Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court?

Hmmm… I have no idea how to take the news that Harriet Miers has been nominated for the open Supreme Court position. On the negative side, do we really want one of Bush’s buddies assigned to yet another important role in government? Didn’t we learn just how bad that was with Michael Brown and FEMA? And is it possible to trust anyone in Bush’s inner circle? On the other hand, there’s this: Senate Democratic LeaderLearn More

The Rude Pundit’s opinion of John Roberts

So what does the Rude Pundit think of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts? A lot, and it’s all friggin hysterical. Bottom-line: “Instead, glory be, he presented America with another Harvard-educated white guy, one more privileged D.C. lawyer who was Daddy’s boy once, and a motherfucker. Someone who you can bet was given a list of issues by Rove and asked point blank how he’d rule. Did we really expect anything more?”

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