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How to Hide Files, Folders and Desktop Icons on Mac

Using Terminal to Hide Desktop Icons Source: How to Hide Files, Folders and Desktop Icons on Mac – Make Tech Easier

SCP ignore symbolic links during copy? 

Quick reminder to myself: sometimes realizing you’re using the wrong tool is a critical troubleshooting skill: “I knew that it was possible, I just took wrong tool. I did it with rsync rsync –progress -avhe ssh /usr/local/XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:/BackUp/usr/local/ Source: Is it possible to make SCP ignore symbolic links during copy? – Stack Overflow

Linux aptitude command help: list new packages

For some reason, I can never remember this: the command aptitude search ‘~N’ only shows “new” packages Source: Linux aptitude command help and examples

JetBrains’ New Font Makes Reading Code Easier – OMG! Ubuntu!

oooOOOooo, pretty new monospace font! Source: JetBrains’ New Font Makes Reading Code Easier – OMG! Ubuntu!

How To Completely Disable Tracker, GNOME’s File Indexing And Search Tool – Linux Uprising Blog

Tracker. *ugh* don’t even get me started on a rant about Tracker… The GNome team forgot all about Linux philosophies somewhere along the way. So how to completely disable Tracker, so it no longer indexes any files, and stop having any Tracker process running in the background? You can mask the Tracker systemd services to completely disable it Source: How To Completely Disable Tracker, GNOME’s File Indexing And Search Tool – Linux Uprising Blog

I Ching Online

This is perhaps the best way to help understand the I Ching is not a fortune/future telling exercise. This is no fortune-telling gimmick — in fact, the I Ching often frustrates attempts to divine the future from its pages.This oracle is solely concerned with the present — YOUR present. Source: I Ching Online.NET – About I Ching or Yi Jing – the Book of Changes

Recover deleted files from terminal

When you need a not-as-common tool, sometimes you really need its functionality. I needed to recover a couple of mp3 files from a USB thumb drive. Fortunately, a quick Google search showed how to do this, quite easily, using TestDisk: Step 10 Again, bear in mind that Testdisk is a multi-function tool. Most of these options deal with groups of files; we only want our damn resume back! So hit “c”. — via How ToLearn More

 6 rules for writing scenes

Good stuff, explaining the six rules that every scene in a novel should have. We start by dividing each scene into two parts: scene (action) and sequel (reaction). We then further divide each of those halves into three more pieces each: SCENE 1. Goal (the protagonist or POV character sets out to accomplish or gain something). 2. Conflict (en route to his goal, his efforts are blocked by an obstacle of some type). 3. Disaster (the character’s attemptLearn More

ChunPo Rises

Rise, ChunPo!

ChunPo kneels on the ground in front of a cherry blossom tree, and listens to the sounds of battle, born to him on the winds. He understands that these sound are from wars in far away lands, lands he abandoned when he made his choice to stay here in Pandaria after helping free his beloved homelands from the evils of the Sha and the Orcs. ChunPo makes a daily pilgrimage from his homestead in HalfhillLearn More

Todoist + Your Calendar – Todoist Help

I had no idea this existed, now I cannot live without it! Todoist can integrate two-way sync with Google Calendar! My one gripe with Todoist is that it couldn’t sync with Google Calendar, and my one gripe with aCalendar+ was that it could only sync with Google Tasks. This left me with no other option but to switch between two separate apps, one for calendar and one for keeping a todo list, which I grantLearn More

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