Miers Backed Ban on Most Abortions in ’89

By | October 19, 2005

Anyone wo still believes that Harriet Miers can be impartial on abortion issues if appointed to the Supreme Court needs to take a look at this:

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers pledged unflagging opposition to abortion as a candidate for the Dallas City Council in 1989, according to documents released Tuesday. She backed a constitutional amendment to ban the procedure in most cases and promised to appear at “pro-life rallies and special events.”

Asked in a Texans United for Life questionnaire whether she would support legislation restricting abortions if the Supreme Court allowed it, Miers indicated she would. Her reply was the same when asked, “Will you oppose the use of city funds or facilities” to promote abortions?

Impartial? Unbiased? There’s no way she will be! It’s obvious that, back in ’89, Miers was staunchly Anti-Choice. Why should we believe she’s changed since then?

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