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Push to abolish death penalty moves forward

There’s a continued push here in Colorado to abolish the death penalty: The bill to abolish the death penalty in Colorado and create a cold case unit is moving forward in the state legislature.In a 7-4 vote, the House Judiciary Committee approved the measure Wednesday. State Representative Paul Weissman, a Democrat from Louisville, says abolishing… Read More »

Report: Women misled on abortion risks

This is absolutely disgusting, assuming that the report is accurate. According to, a report by “Democrats on the House Government Reform Committee, women are being given false, alarmist information regarding abortion risks. From the article: Care Net, an umbrella group for evangelical pregnancy centers across the country, instructs its affiliates to tell callers there… Read More »

Flag-burning amendment

Okay, so now that the anti-flag-burning amendment has failed (by only a single vote? WTF?), could someone convince the senate to start working on things that really matter, and quit getting distracted by this election-year pandering? It’s not like this is a new debate. This has been settled for a decade! “The First Amendment never… Read More »

Qwest refused to turn over records!

Hooray for Qwest! When the NSA came knocking, asking for phone records on all of their customers, Qwest was the only major telecom carrier that refused to turn over those records! Among the big telecommunications companies, only Denver-based Qwest refused to help the National Security Agency, sources tell USA TODAY.According to multiple sources, Qwest declined… Read More »

Erosion of Freedoms x 2

There are places where you expect to see people lashing out against the Bush administration’s civil liberties abuses, including DailyKos. And then there are places where you don’t expect it, such as on PC guru John C. Dvorak’s blog, Dvorak Uncensored. Dvorak takes the Bush administration to task in an entry titled “Erosion of Freedoms… Read More »

History repeating itself

Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. Looks like this goes for a nation, as well as for individuals. Yahoo! News details that much of the debate over President Bush’s illegal wiretapping goes back a couple of decades: “We strongly believe it is unwise for the president to concede any lack of… Read More »

Yeah, I’d vote for Al Gore in ’08

If Al Gore gave speeches with as much passion, intensity and intelligence as his speech on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I would’ve definitely voted for him in 2000. If Gore decides to run in 2008, he has my vote: At present, we still have much to learn about the NSA’s domestic surveillance. What we… Read More »