Can Alito be impartial about Roe -vs- Wade?

By | November 15, 2005

If there’s any doubt whether Alito can be partial regarding Roe -vs- Wade or not, Alito’s own words from the past should dispel them.

Documents show Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito was pleased about anti-abortion efforts he backed while working in the solicitor general’s office.

Alito wrote in 1985 that he was proud of his Reagan-era work helping the government argue that “the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion.”

Alito wrote the comments in a document while applying to become deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration. He said he was proud of his government work helping to “advance legal positions in which I personally believe very strongly.”

Ignore the lip service Alito is trying to give to his respect for long-held precedent. He will try to reverse R-v-W the first chance he gets. One more reason for the Dems in the Senate to re-find their spines and filibuster this neanderthal thug.

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