Blizzard of ’03 (part three)

By | March 19, 2003

I tried to make it out into our back yard to get to a branch that was slowly making its way towards our power lines. I didn’t get very far. The snow was up to my waist! The only trees in the front-half of our back yard that coulda blocked this stuff are lying flat on the ground, buried underneath the snow. There’s at least 24″ on the ground, probably closer to 26″. Since I failed to get to the tree in the back-half of our back yard, it is now laying precariously on our power line. I already put a call in to XCel to get them out here.

The front yard doesn’t have quite that much snow, but that’s ‘cuz our trees in the front caught a lot of it. The snow is still thigh-high, though. There are many large branches lying in the street. Snow drifts at least 3’ high at each end of our block. The snow is high enough in our street that there is NO way I could get either of our cars out of the driveway.

Erin and I are going to postpone our trip to Trinidad by a day (we were going to leave Friday morning), partially to allow CDOT and warmer weather to clear some of this snow, but mostly ‘cuz we’ll both have to work on Friday to make up for being off from work the last couple of days.

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