Bilzzard of ’03 (part two)

By | March 18, 2003

Just got a report from a buddy of mine in Trinidad: it’s not snowing there! I thought this storm was coming up from the south?

Anyway, we’re up to at least 12″ (snow in the back yard was up to my kneecaps). Still coming down, showing no sign of stopping. I’m not going to work tomorrow. The hospital is sending a big ol’ 4×4 to take Erin to work in the morning. We’re hoping she’ll be able to get back home tonight (a lot of employees at the hospital are spending the night there).

I checked in with my workplace earlier today. They’re snowed in; the only people getting in and out are those that stayed at the Holiday Inn last night. They’ll have to stay tonight, too.

What a storm!

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