Open letter to Ted Harvey

By | August 6, 2006

After the disgusting behavior during the “debate” about illegal immigration during the special session here in Colorado, I was inspired to write the following letter to my local Representative, Ted Harvey:

Mr. Harvey,

As a resident in your district, I am shocked and embarrassed at your statements about illegal immigration. Your statement about Mexican gangas was bad enough. And your defense that you were just repeating something out of a newspaper article is not really a defense. Repeating a racist statement that someone else made doesn’t make it less racist. I would like to know what that article said, actually. But I digress.

The statement that specifically made me write this letter is the following: “This session has to do with protecting the citizens of Colorado from having to subsidize illegal immigrants no matter where they’re from. By throwing out those words and accusations, they’re shutting down a debate on a serious public safety concern.” This is an amazing distortion of what’s happening. Colorado citizens aren’t “subsidizing illegal immigrants” because most illegal immigrants don’t use public services. Why would they, when this puts them at risk of being discovered and deported? This phrase that you use is a red herring, meant to distract us from the real goals of your immigration stance.

Granted, I have no idea why you are so anti-immigrant. If you truly wanted to reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming into this country, then you would back bills that punish businesses for hiring undocumented workers. People come to this nation for one reason: jobs. If business stop hiring undocumented workers, then the illegal immigration issue would be resolved. No jobs = no undocumented workers.

But for some reason, you don’t want to do this. Could it be that you don’t want to lose your “Guardian of Small Business” accolades? Instead, you seem to advocate punishing those who came here in search of a job, to what end? Are you planning on putting 11 million people in prison? Deporting 11 million people? What would this do to our economy? And more to the point, what would keep more people coming in to fill the jobs that those who are being deported are leaving empty?

As a constituent, I ask that you abandon this extremist approach to illegal immigration and join a course of action that can actually make positive changes, instead of villifying a group of people.

Michael Fierro
Littleton, CO

Harvey is a really vile toad of a Representative. He prides himself on being a complete neandrathal regarding reproductive rights and women’s privacy. He also seems to have at least racist tendencies. I think he truly believes that Mexicans are all unlawful punks who can’t wait to get to America to join street gangs and terrorist cells. That he was voted into office is scary; that he was voted into office by my neighbors is even scarier.

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