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Mom arrested in prostitution sting… in Highlands Ranch?

Highlands Ranch mom arrested in prostitution sting – The Denver Post A Highlands Ranch mother has been arrested on suspicion of prostitution and child abuse after authorities received complaints that prostitution might be occurring at the woman’s home. The suspect is identified as Sheri Sims, 39, who lives in the 10000 block of South Cedaridge… Read More »

Racist joke leaves em gasping

So Bill Farr attempted to tell a joke, and ended up making a racist statement which offended most everyone in the room (from the Rocky Mountain News): William R. Farr was pretending to read telegrams congratulating this years award recipient, University of Colorado President Hank Brown, when he pulled out a piece of paper and… Read More »

Open letter to Ted Harvey

After the disgusting behavior during the “debate” about illegal immigration during the special session here in Colorado, I was inspired to write the following letter to my local Representative, Ted Harvey: Mr. Harvey, As a resident in your district, I am shocked and embarrassed at your statements about illegal immigration. Your statement about Mexican gangas… Read More »

The Rude Pundit on Tookie Williams’s execution

Once again, the Rude Pundit says it all: And the most disheartening thing of all was how little was mentioned, in the cruel march to the death chamber, of how the ex-wife of one of Williams’ alleged victims, Albert Owens (whose family is entirely fucked-up in conflict over the execution), called for support of Williams’… Read More »

Tancredo in the news again

I found a couple of articles at SoapBlox Colorado regarding more fun with Tom Tancredo. If you are a member of the Republican party, don’t you really want to reign this guy in? He’s so extreme, so blatantly bigoted, so plainly insane that he can’t help but hurt your party.. Anyway, the first article is… Read More »

Bennett Blames Media In Flap About Aborting Black Babies

How pathetic is William Bennett? He still can’t take ownership of his horrible comments that aborting all black babies would reduce the crime rate in America. Instead, he is continuing to insist that his comments were taken out of context. His new tack is that he was using these statements to make a “bad argument”… Read More »

Anger rises among Mississippi’s poor after Katrina

I took a break from blogging because of Hurricane Katrina. The destruction and human toll was just too much for me, so I’ve been ignoring this blog for a while. But I am back. And the hurricane deserves to be my first topic. The major question left from the storm concerns the poor response made… Read More »