What party does Salazar belong to again?

By | July 8, 2006

This problably shouldn’t be as surprising as it is… The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Ken Salazar is going to choose to back Joe Lieberman if Lieberman loses to Ned Lamont in a Connecticut primary:

Sen. Ken Salazar is risking the ire of some fellow Democrats by pledging to support incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman, of Connecticut, in November’s election whether or not he wins the Democratic primary.Lieberman, a centrist and stalwart supporter of the war in Iraq, is facing a serious challenge from anti-war candidate Ned Lamont in the Aug. 8 Democratic primary.

Last week, Lieberman announced he was circulating petitions to run on the ballot as an independent even if he loses the Democratic primary.

Liberal activists have been trying to pressure national Democrats to support the winner of the primary, even if it is not the incumbent. This week, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., said she would not back Lieberman if he loses the primary.

But Salazar said Wednesday that he is in Lieberman’s camp and that he will support him in an independent bid if he loses the Democratic primary.

What Salazar is basically saying is, “Screw what the Democratic voters in Connecticut thing. Joe’s my friend, so I am going to back him. Even if that hurts the party.” Seriously, what part does Salazar belong to? Because he sure isn’t acting like a Democrat right now.

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