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‘Brownie’ blasts Bush

So is this a case of rats leaving a sinking ship, or just a man trying to cover his own ass? Dunno for certain, but Michael Brown came out swinging hard against President Bush about the Hurricane Katrina recovery disaster (courtesy Brown said his biggest mistake during the handling of Katrina was not standing… Read More »

Push to abolish death penalty moves forward

There’s a continued push here in Colorado to abolish the death penalty: The bill to abolish the death penalty in Colorado and create a cold case unit is moving forward in the state legislature.In a 7-4 vote, the House Judiciary Committee approved the measure Wednesday. State Representative Paul Weissman, a Democrat from Louisville, says abolishing… Read More »

The Democratic Party does have ideas!

I am pretty sick and tired of hearing people say, “Democrats don’t have any ideas! They don’t have any plans for how to make things better. All they can do is bash Republicans.” This is patently false; the Democratic Party has a Six-Point plan for 2006: The Democratic Party is committed to keeping our nation… Read More »

Bill Winter debates Tom Tancredo

Just in case there was any doubt in your mind who should win the congressional race here in the Highlands Ranch area, watch this YouTube video of the debate between Winter and Tancredo (and jax): There should be no way for Winter to lose, ‘cept for the fact that registered Republicans outnumber Dems 2-to-1  here…

Democrats have big lead after sex scandal

Yahoo! News has what may be the least surprising headline ever: Democrats have big lead after sex scandal: A ABC News/Washington Post poll found Democrats held a 54-41 percent lead in the congressional horse race among registered and likely voters, which ABC said was the biggest Democratic lead this close to election day in more… Read More »

“When the walls / come crumbling down”

How much worse can things get for House Republicans right now? Mark Foley’s predilection for little boys would’ve seemed to have been a catastrophe. But instead, Foley’s pediophilia is just the tip of the iceberg. The Republican cover-up is turning out to be the true catastrophe for the House Republicans. One which they aren’t going… Read More »