Free speech and Oak Ridge High School

By | November 29, 2005

Looks like the Oak Ridge (TN) High School superintendent isn’t so keen on the whole Free Speech idea:

Administrators at Oak Ridge High School went into teachers’ classrooms, desks and mailboxes to retrieve all 1,800 copies of the newspaper Tuesday, said teacher Wanda Grooms, who advises the staff, and Brittany Thomas, the student editor.

The Oak Leaf’s birth control article listed success rates for different methods and said contraceptives were available from doctors and the local health department. Superintendent Tom Bailey said the article needed to be edited so it would be acceptable for the entire school.

This is scary, truly scary. Shouldn’t our public schools be teaching children about the Rights its citizens are granted which makes this such a great nation, instead of demonstrating what happens when those rights are trampled on?

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