Evolution Debate Continues

By | May 4, 2005

The debate about whether and how to teach evolution in schools continues. And I am still as baffled as ever. Once you rule out teaching about a religious origin (since that would be establishing religion), what else is there to teach? Creationism cannot be divorced from religion. Natural selection is secular. That should be the end of the debate.

That’s because critics of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection are equipping families with books, DVDs, and a list of ’10 questions to ask your biology teacher.’

The intent is to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of students as to the veracity of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The result is a climate that makes biology class tougher to teach. Some teachers say class time is now wasted on questions that are not science-based.

It seems to me that the whole goal of casting doubt on the theory of evolution is simply an attempt to force religion on public school students. Which is unconstitutional. In my opinion, what people who want their children to believe in creationism need to do is either enroll their children in religious education classes, or send their children to private schools.

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