James Dobson just doesn’t get it….

By | April 1, 2005

I dunno if Focus on the Family top honcho James Dobson just doesn’t get it, or if he is trying to get as much press as possible over the ordeal and death of Terri Schiavo. But Dobson is still venting in public, and his group is pushing for changes to laws regarding keeping someone on life support.

The quote that makes me think Dobson just doesn’t get it is the following: “‘Every Florida and federal judge who failed to act to spare this precious woman from the torment she was forced to endure is guilty not only of judicial malfeasance but of the cold-blooded, cold-hearted extermination of an innocent human life,’ he said.”

I see two things worth commenting to in this quote:

#1 – For all intents and purposes, Terri’s life ended 15 years ago. She’s been a walking corpse since then.
#2 – Her death put an end to the torment that her family and her memory were being forced to endure over the last 15 years.

I’ve mentioned this in my personal journal: I am very sorry that Terri died. I am sorry that she and her family had to go through these last 15 years. But can anyone really tell me that things aren’t better for Terri and her family now that she is gone?

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