Colorado Republican representatives make asses out of themselves over gay marriage issue

By | April 1, 2005

If only this were an April Fool’s joke… Republican Colorado Representatives made public asses out of themselves while trying to push a Colorado state amendment banning gay marriage. Representative Kevin Lundberg is quoted by the AP as saying: “‘But when we get so close to say this looks like, this feels like, this acts like marriage, then I believe we need to draw the line and say either marriage is between a man and a woman exclusively or anything goes,’ he said.”

Fellow Representative Jim Welker tried to up the ante on stupidity by adding that ” voters need to draw the line on what marriage is, saying that a woman in India had married her dog a year and a half ago.”

Welker’s comment was offensive enough to draw a rebuke out of Rep. Angie Paccione (Democrat): “‘”Come on Jim. It’s not the same, it’s not the same to have someone marry a dog than it is to have two loving people get married.'”

But Rep. Keith King (another Repub) was not about to allow any level-headedness or open-mindedness into the session. He followed up by saying that “protecting traditional marriages would help save money on schools and prisons because children raised by two parents are less likely to need extra aide or get in trouble with the law.”

I just thank Dao that the Republicans do not have the majority in Colorado’s congress.

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