Residents Upset That Violent Sexual Offender Has Moved In

By | March 18, 2005

Talk about being conflicted over an issue! In case you live out of the area, Highlands Ranch residents are in an uproar after learning that a man convicted as a sexual offender has moved in to the neighborhood. There was enough concern that there was a community meeting last night at the local high school. Approximately 1300 people – most of whom were parents – attended.

Most of the parents are concerned about the safety of their children. They want to find some way, some assurance, that their children will be safe. And they are looking to the law enforcement community to do something, anything to resolve this issue.

This is where I am torn. On the one hand, I think that someone who has paid for their crime should be given a second chance. From the article:

“‘He has served his time in Florida and there are no restrictions to his conviction,’ said Douglas County Sheriff’s Lt. Alan Stanton. ‘There’s a notification protocol that is standard to the state of Colorado to notify the public that he’s moved here.’

‘I understand people’s concern but I want a chance to move on and prove to people that they don’t have to be afraid,’ Carroll told 7NEWS. ‘I’ve had neighbors bring me blueberry muffins, saying, ‘Welcome to Colorado.’ And she was a teacher.'”

But on the other hand, as a parent, I want to make certain that Colin never comes close to someone who would do this type of thing to a child. I would never let him near Colin, of course. But what about when Colin is old enough to go walking on his own? It’s a scary thought.

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