WOOHOO! YES! Court Rules California Cannot Ban Gay Marriages

By | March 14, 2005

Long-time readers of this ‘blog know that I am a firm believer in gay rights. I think the idea of any group of people being singled out for discrimination is reprehensible. I feel horrible for what people who are homosexual have to go through. But I am heartened today, as judge Richard Kramer ruled that California cannot ban gay marriages. Kramer wrote: “‘The idea that marriage-like rights without marriage is adequate smacks of a concept long rejected by the courts: separate but equal,’ he wrote.”

This is the first shot in what is going to be a long battle. This will end up at the Supreme Court’s doorstep eventually, and then we’ll finally have an answer. I really can’t imagine any 5 of the supreme court justices ruling that such laws are constitutional. And I can’t see an anti-gay-marriage amendment getting enough votes to succeed. I really think that this is the first step towards legal gay marriage in this country.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I am right, and not just being carried away in a wave of optimism…

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