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  • Normally, the kiddos and I go shopping. Fun times! –> RT @twistedxtian: Is grocery shopping a family affair in your house? #dadstalking #
  • oooOOOooo… the Google Nexus S. I am experiencing MAJOR smartphone lust right now… http://bit.ly/hvqqGa #
  • McDaniels out as #denver #broncos head coach!!! #
  • One name to replace #broncos coach #mcdaniels Dave Logan!!! #
  • question for other #dads / #parents How do you nip stealing in the bud? Just found our 4y.o. has sticky fingers #
  • Cool, free #sbux money! –> RT @parkercolorado: Stabucks 12 days of Christmas Sharing – Day 9 December 9, 2010 http://bit.ly/h7WCmW #
  • Damn kids, waking me up. GET OFF MY LAWN!!! –> RT @ToriDeaux: @biffster Sounds like a worthy goal… hey… WAKEUP! #
  • RT @parentsmagazine: We're so close to reaching 100k followers! If you #FF us, we'll #FF you! Help us reach our goal! #
  • WTF? This HAS to be a fake movie. Right? Please say it's fake? –> RT @BillCorbett: No. Really? NO. http://is.gd/iteiD (h/t @jmccance) #
  • How and why did UFC become such a cultural phenomenon? Why not leave the brutal fighting where it belongs: the hockey rink? #
  • Angels can be bad-asses! – Revelations 9-11 (NTiR) http://bit.ly/f86FVu #

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