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By | November 14, 2010
  • Huzzah!!! -> MSNBC says to reinstate Olbermann Tuesday night – http://t.co/hQJIS2a via @cnn #
  • Don't worry, my friend. Coffee makes *EVERYTHING* better! –> RT @melissaonline: This morning is NOT going well. Need more coffee… #
  • What happens when the world doesn’t end? (2 Peter) http://bit.ly/cPD4ck #
  • Ummm… yes, she is. –> RT @Klassy_Kris: Racheal Ray, you are not as cute as you think you are. #
  • The temp is now 15 degrees colder than when I left home at 6:00 this morn. brrrrr! (#denver) #
  • Okay, I give up, where's the snow? Only a light dusting in Highlands Ranch, not much more here in LoDo #denver #coweather #
  • My little children – 1 John 1-2 (NTiR) http://bit.ly/bQHYIu #
  • Wow, #googlevoice is down again? Really? #

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