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By | November 7, 2010
  • Hello to all my Constant Readers. I haven't meant to ignore you, just been writing a lot lately. #
  • "Historical note: that's the first time President Clinton has ever tried to talk anyone out of a three-way." – Jon Stewart #
  • Six of Peter, a half-dozen of Paul – 1 Peter 1-2 (NTiR) http://bit.ly/bc6UQC #
  • I'm voting about the same time! –> RT @ssfw70: I'm voting at 3:45 today because I bring my kids with me…..#VoteDem #
  • It often takes more courage to change one's opinion than to keep it -Willy Brandt #quote @kreativemess @georgescifo @MylesMarlow @snowkitten #
  • Happy birthday to @kwmurphy, star of #rifftrax and #mst3k #
  • Interchangeable apostles – 1 Peter 3-5 (NTiR) http://bit.ly/98skSt #
  • "You do realize that all your metaphors for Republican victory killed thousands of people…" – Jon Stewart #
  • WTF? –> RT @DCCOeXaminer: Indiana Jones reality show ordered by ABC http://ow.ly/34A3Ohttp://ow.ly/34A3O #
  • I ripped a large portion of my CDs to 128k mp3. I wanna re-rip them to much better quality audio. But that's SO time intensive #
  • Dear @amarok: You can have Amarok 1.4 when you pull it from my cold dead fingers. Or when #Amarok 2.x is feature-equivalent. 🙂 #
  • Holy f'ing sh!T!!!!! RT @ssfw70: I feel sick about @MSNBC suspending @KeithOlbermann #
  • Dear referees in the #CSU -vs- #SDSU game: fuck you! #

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