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By | October 10, 2010
  • Wondering if maybe – just maybe – I should've stayed home this morn…. (@ RTD – Mineral Park 'n Ride Station) http://4sq.com/89CaBd #
  • I'm at Common Grounds (LoDo) (1650 Wazee St, 17th, Denver). http://4sq.com/56EZ0i #
  • y'know, I listened to some really crappy music back in the 80s… http://bit.ly/a9J2Rx (no offense, Sheena) #
  • it's raining here in #denver RAIN!!!! And a slow, steady rain. We haven't had one of these in a long, long time #
  • Damned teasing spammers! They put me over the 500 follower mark, then crush me by dropping me below that magic number. o.O #
  • Ugh, another trip to the hospital… (@ Sky Ridge Surgical Center) http://4sq.com/d8MGIH #
  • Breakfast! (@ Egg And I) http://4sq.com/cempgR #
  • Back to the office. Crappy day WFH on Monday. Out all day ystdy for tests in hospital. Gotta be better today, right? http://4sq.com/89CaBd #
  • RT @RedheadWriting @FakeAPStylebook Never diagram a sentence when under influence of alcohol or strong narcotics, even if it IS hilarious. #
  • Take, take me home, 'cuz I don't remember….. (@ Auraria Campus w/ 13 others) http://4sq.com/wGUq #
  • Gods dammit! Train pulled away when I was three seconds from the door! Greer (@ RTD – Mineral Park 'n Ride Station) http://4sq.com/89CaBd #
  • I hate when I miss my train. 😛 (@ RTD – Broadway & I-25 Station) http://4sq.com/buqNj6 #
  • Drive? Light rail? Drive? Light rail? Drive? Light rail? So many decisions… I am thinking… TRAIN! http://4sq.com/89CaBd #
  • Daybreak in the Mile High City http://twitpic.com/2vodiw (Mineral Station) #
  • Bagel, egg, cheese and tomato sandwich. YUMM! (@ Awakening Moments) http://4sq.com/chrWwb #

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