Microblogging from Twitter on: 2010-03-29

By | March 29, 2010
  • Enjoying #netflix streaming on the #wii. It's just about flawless. I think i am in love! #
  • I was ticked off about Jacob not being scary cabin Jacob from a few seasons ago. Now realize that wasn't Jacob in the cabin. #lost #
  • RT @amerrylife Weigh In: The Expected and Accepted Weight Gain http://bit.ly/cpDVJP (I <3 @amerrylife). #
  • Jesus: be kind to the poor (Matt 25:34-40). Republican party officials: F**K THE POOR! (Mel Brooks History Of the World) #
  • ? @emokidsloveme: Because Spanish Speakers need to suffer too –> RT @newtgingrich: my tweets in spanish are @gingrichespanol <– LOL! in reply to emokidsloveme #
  • ? @maddow: And in other news, the door to the afterlife has been found: http://is.gd/b5o3C <– BEST HEADLINE EVER!!! in reply to maddow #
  • Fun exchange between @karoli and @larsolsson. I agree that it doesn't have a chance, but we should still get behind the effort 100% anyway #
  • RT @TFLN: (317): and ill be dreaming of you. not in a creepy way, but in an inappropriate way http://tfl.nu/book <– Luvs it! #

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