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By | February 28, 2010
  • Bus was 10 minutes late. Frozen fingers and knee! #
  • Ever have that nightmare where you go to work naked? I took off my jacket @ work this morn & found I forgot my shirt! Jacket day today! #
  • RT @debihope: Today feels like Xanax except I can remember my own name and have no impulse to buy a ferret. <- LMAO #
  • RT @jamtoday A look at Sarah Palin w/ & w/o trademark hairstyle, makeup, glasses & accessories http://bit.ly/c9LBod <- Damn she's still hot! #
  • ? Oh its flying toward some Tuesday / Oh its flying toward some Tuesday moon ? (Neutral Milk Hotel, for @shawnz) #
  • <3 this song, perfect to get a Tuesday off to a good start. ? http://blip.fm/~lk159 #
  • <3 this song, perfect to get a Tuesday off to a good start. ? http://lnk.ms/4kRm8 #
  • RT @rnBetty A BJ is actually worth more than just a thousand words. Even the Romans knew this. http://bit.ly/dyrItp <– I loves it! in reply to rnBetty #
  • New techie blog post: links for 2010-02-23 http://apt-get.biffster.org/2010/02/23/links-for-2010-02-23/ #
  • Whoa, just got hit with a $400 bill from @jungledisk for downloads I didn't do. wtf? #jungledisk #
  • Lamarr Alexandar just got smacked down by President Obama at the Health Care Summit. *BURN* #
  • Awesome, President Obama basically just said he is behind reconciliation! #hcr #
  • Happy Friday, @shawnz! ? I've been dwn in ths world down & almost broken As 1000s they grieve as Black Friday rule ? http://bit.ly/9HdnpR #
  • New techie blog post: Am I really going to sell out and use iTunes? http://bit.ly/b4nRl0 #

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