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By | July 12, 2009
  • Having a lazy day, after the craziness of the last week. Kiddos are fried, Z had a breakdown, and I am tired. #
  • ? @scoopingthenews: Ex-Rocky Mountain News reporters launch online-only Rocky Mountain Independent. Check it out! http://tinyurl.com/mdawl4 in reply to scoopingthenews #
  • Back to work, back into the normal routine. Vacation was fun, but there is something good ’bout getting back to business…. #fb #
  • ? @Shoq: The minivan just pulled a better u-turn than Sarah Palin did. in reply to Shoq #
  • ? @Shoq: It’s been over 72 hours since a Republican made a complete ass of themselves. We’re due. Standby. #p2 in reply to Shoq #
  • Anyone seen an issue with #xfce in #jaunty opening new windows behind existing windows? Different than not stealing focus. #
  • ? @traveleverywher: RT @In10tionologist: Fear fades as love grows. in reply to traveleverywher #
  • ? @anamariecox RT @thenote Palin tells ABC “dept of law @ White House” would protect her as president. // The woman is her own punchline in reply to anamariecox #
  • ? @snowkitten: Using a srvce to tweet while not here is like sending a mannequin to a netwrkng evnt RT: @barefoot_exec @unmarketing in reply to snowkitten #
  • ? @BuzzEdition @Kaiser_arny: Arizona is 6000 years old? http://digg.com/d1vsVu?t <– EEEK!! I don’t disparage other’s beliefs, but EEEK! in reply to BuzzEdition #
  • ? @DenverNow: by @denvernews: Denver News: 16th Street Mall shuttle catches fire http://bit.ly/ULJug <– EEEK!!! in reply to DenverNow #
  • . @cashinnow Pete, if you are going to spam us, at least spell “lose” correctly. πŸ˜› in reply to cashinnow #
  • .@randomdeanna I am most definitely not a spammer. πŸ™‚ How are you? in reply to randomdeanna #
  • I never even consider following someone with the word “Entrepreneur” in their profile. #
  • .@colombiancoffee I know what you mean. I am still shocked and shaken by Steve McNair’s murder. πŸ™ in reply to colombiancoffee #
  • .@shawnz So are you going to get a Pandora One account, Shawn? Or just pay the $1 when necessary? in reply to shawnz #
  • ? @BuzzEdition: @ritubpant 467,000 Job Cuts In June, Unemployment Rate Highest In 26 Years http://bit.ly/NLcG1 <– Scary, scary news in reply to BuzzEdition #
  • ? @colombiancoffee @abba_ks @crazycoltrane: @BarackObama please don’t drop the public option. #healthcarereform in reply to colombiancoffee #
  • .@wilw Acting or writing? in reply to wilw #
  • Almost forgot that I’m heading for a Rockies game on Sunday! The boy & I are going to catch the game; he gets to walk on the warning track! #
  • I can’t believe that The Daily Show is on hiatus the week that Sarah Palin totally flips out… #
  • ? @Shoq: POTUS & CONGRESS: We want a public health care option, and we’re sick of the promises! 50 years is ENOUGH! #hcr #p2 in reply to Shoq #
  • Expected high of 94 today here in #Denver. I *hate* summer. ‘cept for women in bikinis, of course. πŸ˜‰ #
  • Trying out Google #Chrome alpha for #linux. This browser is friggin’ FAST! Can’t wait for a full-featured release. Doesn’t look bad in #xfce #
  • Bad luck with trains leaving early! Morning train left at 6:03 instead of 6:05, another left at 11:15 instead of 11:17. Missed both. πŸ˜› #
  • ?c’mere baby / scratch my back / oh I know you can do it / so little baby get to it? #
  • I’m so quick, I’m even fast *asleep* #
  • Serious question here: Could Amarok 2.x suck any more? πŸ˜› #
  • Welcome new followers! Thanks for following me. Hopefully I won’t bore you. πŸ™‚ I’ll post my #followfriday recs in my next tweet. #
  • #followfriday: @lauratoogood who is very witty, Local #denver tweep @snowkitten, and fellow #gwibber user @RagnarokAngel. Oh, and @shawnz #
  • ? @pourmecoffee: The Pope reportedly demanding POTUS help get Ron Howard and Tom Hanks to “back the hell off.” <– LMAO!!! in reply to pourmecoffee #
  • . @16thStreetMall I am jealous of your sleep! I could use more for certain. Being a parent of 3 little kiddos wears a person out. in reply to 16thStreetMall #
  • Talk ’bout funny stuff: what’s the worst crap people try to give away on Craigslist? Find out here: http://is.gd/1tGE4 #
  • Observation of the day: Good #coffee shops make crappy #bagels; really good #bagel shops make crappy #coffee. #
  • chatting at http://tinychat.com/crunchup #tinychat #
  • #rifftrax time tonight! Tonight’s roast: Star Wars Ep I. Talk about a movie that has it coming! #
  • #rifftrax: It’s like Roger Rabbit created by Satan himself (about Jar-Jar Binks) #
  • ? @Shoq: Sometimes, when I’m really bored, I like 2 call Sarah #Palin’s office and tell them she just won Nobel prize 4 Creationism. #p2 in reply to Shoq #
  • #rifftrax #starwars Ep 1: SHE’S THE QUEEN, YOU STUPID NINJA! #
  • #rifftrax #starwars Ep 1: “Hey, he swiped those women from The Fifth Element” #
  • #rifftrax #starwars Ep 1: “This now completes the second of 3,000 laps.” #
  • #rifftrax #starwars Ep 1: “So George Lucas is a 4 y.o. right? It’s the only thing that’d explain what we’ve just seen.” #
  • #rifftrax #starwars Ep 1: “All right, let’s wrap it up folks, the audience is getting restless…” #
  • #rifftrax #starwars Ep 1: “As a villain, he had so many great lines I’m sad to see him go.” “Umm, I don’t think he said anything at all.” #
  • #rifftrax #starwars Ep 1: “Wow, a whole army of Jar-Jar’s, ready to ruin movies everywhere!” #
  • #rifftrax #starwars Ep 1: “This time, Lucas doesn’t even care!” #
  • re-watching #starwars Ep 1 thanks to #rifftrax. Gotta say, this movie sucks EVEN MORE now than it did a decade ago. πŸ˜› #fb #

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