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By | July 4, 2009
  • Finished The Wrestler. What a dark, gloomy, pessimistic movie. I thought it was incredible, but I won’t watch it again. #
  • D’s new words: bubbles and splash #
  • rifftrax tonight? I think I feel one coming up… http://rifftrax.com #
  • Decided on the #Rifftrax of 300. Great stuff so far. šŸ™‚ http://rifftrax.com #
  • “You spartans have to get rails for your bottomless pit….” #
  • “March of the Penguins had less marching.” (http://rifftrax.com) #
  • “No, it’s me, Ann Coulter without my makeup on.” (http://rifftrax.com) #
  • I get the feeling I wouldn’t have enjoyed 300 quite as much without #rifftrax #
  • ? @awaretalkradio: Dog: They feed me, they love me … They must be my God. Cat: They feed me, they love me, I must be their God. in reply to awaretalkradio #
  • ? @Momisbuff: Love with all your heart & NEVER regret! in reply to Momisbuff #
  • ? @oudiantebi: WOW this is great: Gmail Increases Maximum Attachment Size to 25 MB http://bit.ly/mwNAD in reply to oudiantebi #
  • ? @JeromeShaw: Denver News Fountain in City Park lake hit by lightning closed http://bit.ly/i5Y1A RT @DenverTwitr @denvernews: #Denver #News in reply to JeromeShaw #
  • ? @cnnbrk: Wall Street fraudster Bernard #Madoff gets 150 years in jail, the maximum sentence. http://tinyurl.com/nhr8gr <– HOLY SHIT!!! in reply to cnnbrk #
  • I feel so unhip: I have no idea who Billie Mays is. Nor the sham-wow guy. I am pop culturally disconnected. #
  • Officially on vacation for a whole week! Don’t expect to read much from me for the next few days. šŸ™‚ #
  • cuban lechon asado (pork in orange sauce & caribean spices) & lomo salteado (peruvian, veggies and beef marinated in apple cider w/ ginger) #
  • Met Laura from the north pole at glenwood caverns amusement park #
  • View of the Colorado River from a walking bridge in Glenwood Springs, CO. I *LOVE* this vacation. http://twitgoo.com/19rw0 #
  • Huzzah for Al Franken!!! It’s about time: we’ve known he won the election in 2008! #
  • Oh, big-time sunburn on my vaca. Forgot sunscreen on day #2. Ouchie! #
  • My god, why do “me” days go by so very fast? Can’t believe it is already almost 3:00! #
  • WTF? Sarah #Palin stepping down as #gop governor? I thought for certain this was a prank news story. WTF? Weirder and weirder… #
  • So… do you think Governor #Palin is taking a pre-emptive move because of an upcoming scandal? #
  • #followfriday @goodlaura one of the sweetest people on twitter, @rifftrax for making movies funnier, and fellow #denver peep @parkercolorado #
  • ? @WeeLaura: RT @FakeVirginia Sarah Palin didn’t want to be a duck: lame or sitting. http://bit.ly/3o27m in reply to WeeLaura #

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