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By | June 27, 2009
  • RT @melissaonline: Reading: How to spot a Twitter user with a ‘Fake’ Follower Count: http://bit.ly/efD4B in reply to melissaonline #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Slideshow – my 38th birthday party http://bit.ly/14DMQH #
  • RT @MicCheckRadio Can we say Gov. Sanford is found if his location on the Appalachian Trail is unknown? http://tinyurl.com/mfrvfc in reply to MicCheckRadio #
  • RT @blickbuster: The Cop: “Anything you say will be held against you.” The Man: “Boobs” (via @funnyoneliners) in reply to blickbuster #
  • Sry to anyone getting duplicates of my msgs. I am using a new Twitter client (Gwibber) and still learning its eccentricities #
  • RT CNetNews: Reports: Steve Jobs returns to Apple http://tinyurl.com/manfrp #
  • RT @WeeLaura @verucablue Sanford sends secret thank U note to Cheney 4 letting him &the 1-armed man stay at the undisclosed location this wk #
  • RT @goodlaura @M_A_F Big News: CARRIE PREJEAN will join us in person @Reagan Library 4 #Troopathon <– Carrie Prejean? Why punish our trops? in reply to goodlaura #
  • ? @fatgirl2fitgirl: RT sethsimonds Five Questions To Ask Before Eating Anything http://bit.ly/uNyOX in reply to fatgirl2fitgirl #
  • Watched the RiffTrax of the first Pirates of the Caribbean last night. Love the movie, it is even funnier when Riffed. http://is.gd/1aQ3p #
  • #gwibber is fun, but one has to remember to watch which account a tweet is being sent from. #
  • ? @PasteMagazine: Arrested Development Super Fans Plan Documentary http://tr.im/pvy5 in reply to PasteMagazine #
  • Check this video out — Arrested Development Documentary: Final Trailer – Updated http://bit.ly/3bBMfi #
  • ? @weightjournal: ? @PasteMagazine: Arrested Development Super Fans Plan Documentary http://tr.im/pvy5 in reply to weightjournal #
  • Hooray for Jon of Jon & Kate Plus 8 fame. If there’s anyone who deserves to escape from a marriage, it’s Jon. #
  • ? @pourmecoffee: Good night Mark Sanford, wherever you are. http://bit.ly/WniOd in reply to pourmecoffee #
  • Is it possible that Gov. Sanford is bipolar and off his meds? His disappearance sounds like it could be a manic break to me. #
  • Is it possible that Gov. #Sanford is bipolar and off his meds? His disappearance sounds like it could be a manic break to me. #
  • ? @WeeLaura: RT @ktumulty Sanford news conference at 2pm. Telemundo carrying live? in reply to WeeLaura #
  • ? @ToplessRobot: Also, we’re only two days into summer and it’s too hot for human existence. Of course, I find anything about 75 intolerable in reply to ToplessRobot #
  • Note: any followers from tearn.com immediately get Ignored. #
  • [sigh] After all that intrigue, #Sanford was just having an affair? Talk about anti-climactic! #
  • ? @RobMcNealy: The 10 Best Things About Being A Dad: http://kl.am/10Dad <– I love this! And agree with most of the points. 🙂 in reply to RobMcNealy #
  • Absolutely fantastic photos: http://is.gd/1d4X9 #
  • ? @paula721: RT @Pentenscribes: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Eleanor Roosevelt #quote in reply to paula721 #
  • ? @KCLAnderson: “In a healthy marriage, parents come first. In an unhealthy marriage, kids come first.” ~ Rabbi Shmuley <- Food for thought in reply to KCLAnderson #
  • ? @DenverNow: by @cbs4denver: Forbes magazine reports Denver is Americas best city to buy a home. <– YEAH! WE RULE!!!!!! 🙂 in reply to DenverNow #
  • ? @verwon: RT @Donnette: i really don’t like auto DM’s – have i mentioned this? it makes me CRAZY!! <– Amen to that! in reply to verwon #
  • just followed a ton of #denver tweeps. Keep forgetting to look for local tweeples. 🙂 #
  • ? @WeeLaura: RT @acarvin RIP, Farrah Fawcett: http://su.pr/16LH1G in reply to WeeLaura #
  • Time to turn in, I’m done for the day. g’night, all my Twitter and Facebook friends! Sweet dreams! 🙂 #
  • http://twitpic.com/8gu1j – My kitty Hunter #
  • #followfriday: @shawnz, for being one of the sweetest tweeps I know. Here good morning posts always make my day. #
  • ? @StephanieWDC: Poll: Independents Trust Obama Not GOP On Big Issues http://bit.ly/pvmlS (via @dccc) <– Almost no 1 trusts the GOP now in reply to StephanieWDC #
  • ? @parkercolorado: FOUND PARKER Female Irish Setter Mix , dark brown leather collar, knows sit, lay, rollover… June 25th @ approx. 3:30 p. in reply to parkercolorado #
  • ? @Pentenscribes: “It is more fun 2 talk w someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch in reply to Pentenscribes #
  • That’s it: anyone who puts an ad for increasing followers or making money on Twitter gets an immediate unfollow from me. #
  • I am hungry. what should I have for lunch today? #
  • ? @cnnbrk: LA police look for Jackson’s doctor; say his car may have “medications pertinent to the investigation.” #michaeljackson in reply to cnnbrk #
  • Settled on noodles & co. Amused at last word freaks. Pettiness abounds. #
  • ? @casspa @zaibatsu: Clove and light cigarettes are officially history. Plus ur fav Marlboro billboard next to KinderCare http://is.gd/1eJsX in reply to casspa #
  • ? @BuzzEdition: RT @BCCF: “Make no mistake: This is a jobs bill,

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