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By | May 9, 2009
  • Awesome day with the family today. Kiddos and played, then went for a surprise: Mommy snuck into the store we were at. Hugs all around! #fb #
  • giving #seesmic (or is it #seesmicdesktop?) a try now that it includes Facebook support. I’ve seen some wackiness in behavior so far. #
  • Can someone explain to me the advantage of using something like TwitPic instead of just pasting a URL for a picture into a tweet? #
  • RT @norcross 90 people get swine flu and everyone wants to wears a mask. A million people get AIDS and yet no one wants to wear a condom. #
  • RT @colombiancoffee: RT @blogdiva: RT @DesignerG: I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine #
  • Dr’s appt now. Fast drive, forgot how fast i can go when there is no traffic. #fb #
  • Spent over $400 on my eyes this weekend. 😛 got a year supply of contacts + 2 pair of pretty nice glasses. #fb #
  • On the train, heading off to Peaberry Coffee, then a 20 min. Walk to work. #
  • For some reason, #seesmic desktop keeps not pulling my data from Twitter, no old nor new tweets, no replies, no DMs. Facebook status works. #
  • RT @anamariecox: Jeffrey Sachs: “Some ppl say the solution 2 healthcare is to charge 4 services. That’s a good way to kill a lot of people.” #
  • RT @colombiancoffee: RT @rosieandtheband: RT @BreakingNews BULLETIN — DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA VOTES TO RECOGNIZE SAME-SEX MARRIAGES!! (soon) #
  • Hey, I’m climbing the ranks on Cursebird! I want to break into the 5-digit rankings before the end of May! 😀 http://cursebird.com/biffster #
  • RT @colombiancoffee: We WILL accept gay marriage, just like we accepted abolition, race equality, and gender equality! SUCK IT @NOMTWEETS #
  • Why do I have to post this? #birthers, sorry to offend you with facts, but President Obama IS a citizen by birth: http://bit.ly/BdM8H #
  • RT @cyn3matic: @Treehugger It makes sense 4 Apple to own Twitter, as it’s an app that helps drive iPhone sales. (SMS + web functionality.) #
  • I think I am going to take the kiddos to this on Saturday: http://bit.ly/BnEko #fb #
  • RT @usetoberepub: @GStuedler Cantor truly represents, his party, doesn’t he? Lame, annoying, and not a clue. #
  • RT @katster: @goodlaura Hmm, well, since I don’t get RTed much, getting my name in a list of eight is cool. But all things being equal, … #
  • New video update on my weight journal (http://weightjournal.com). Also posted on @weightjournal http://bit.ly/zxAvF #
  • Whoa, can’t get Z’s fever beneath 101, even with tylenol and ibuprofen onboard. To the doc we go! #fb #
  • Z doesn’t have flu, strep, and doesn’t have a UTI. So we know what she DOESN’T have. The doc doesn’t know what she *does* have though. #fb #

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