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By | May 2, 2009
  • After upgrading to Jaunty, Skype volume was too low. Good thing I wrote a blog entry last year saying how to fix this! http://is.gd/obB0 #
  • Been a good long weekend unplugged. I probably won’t be online tomorrow, either. See y’all Wednesday! #fb #
  • Wow, I think that I have almost successfully completed my tasks for this Cleaning Vaca. #fb #
  • still so very disappointed in the #heroes season finale. [sigh] Almost time to join the many that have abandoned this show. #
  • Such a clutzy year for me. We went sledding yesterday, I slipped walking up a hill and almost broke my thumb! SO much pain…. #fb #
  • RT @zaibatsu: RT @thirddesign: the official Flickr Photostream for the White House Check it out http://is.gd/vfOj Note: corrected URL #
  • Reminder to self: Do not talk ’bout things that you know nothing of. #
  • So I was off Monday and yesterday, work from home Friday. This qualifies as a Good Work Week. 🙂 #fb #
  • Plugging my own stuff. 🙂 I also posted this on @weightjournal: My first attempt at a video blog post: http://is.gd/vvvC #
  • Olbermann on Hasselback on Olbermann on Hannity. Let the hilarity ensue! http://is.gd/vCK6 #
  • So sleepy that I slept in this morn, then drove in. I get crabby when I have to drive. And now I have “Enter Sandman” stuck in my head. #fb #
  • Walking through downtown, enjoying the people and the weather and the street performers and the mile-high bldgs… God I love #denver! #
  • RT @daveweigel: This would be a good time for ambitious liberal jurists to pay their motherfucking taxes. #
  • Working from home today, caffeine kicking in, time to rock this house! God, I love #musicfriday! #fb #
  • RT @bdsexton: If @metropcs were on #BSG, the humans and the Cylons would all team up against their common enemy. #

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