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By | April 25, 2009
  • Talk about close! I got onto the train, then the doors closed and we started moving! 5 more seconds and i woulda missed it! #fb #
  • Just got a #nintendo #wii over the weekend, and we are all officially obsessed. Colin rules the house at wii bowling (177 top score). #fb #
  • y’know, it is pretty much impossible to catch up on twitter after not doing anythin on it for a weekend. #
  • Ayup, I knew that it wouldn’t take long for a Repub backlash to President Obama shaking hands with Hugo Chavez. http://bit.ly/OGvYK #
  • Have I mentioned how much I love Taj Mahal? “Maestro” is one of the best CDs I own. #
  • This was a fun workday, even though it is Monday. I have a busy night ahead of me though. #
  • Message from Delanie: “Rub-rub-rub. Thank you!” (Yes, that is a direct quote.) #fb #
  • g’morn! #
  • Mostly good this week. I found a few foods that work well to fill me up without using a lot of Points/calories. #ww #weightwatchers #geekfit #
  • Why is #heroes bound and determined to wussify Sylar? He is *supposed* to be a one-dimensional character. He’s evil; no backstory needed. #
  • EEK! I almst spilled my coffee. I would’ve been devastated! #fb #
  • so very sleepy all of a sudden… Caffeine must be wearing off… #
  • Bummer, the Ski Train here in #denver is no more. 🙁 http://is.gd/tWR9 #
  • Jay Marvin update from Westword. Hopefully the big guy recovers quickly. This is scary stuff. http://is.gd/tX0T #denver #am760 #jaymarvin #
  • Ugh. Out of bed at 5:40. shower, dress and run out to the car by 5:55. Second time in a week. 😛 #fb #
  • RT @TechCrunch: Yahoo Quietly Pulls The Plug On Geocities http://tcrn.ch/bQ by @leenarao #
  • RT @cyn3matic: RT @SenChrisDodd Chuck Schumer & I have just called for an Emergency Freeze on Credit Card rates. Check http://dodd.senat#
  • Peope, it is a sideWALK, not a side-let’s-stand-around-and-talk-and-block-the-way-for-pedestrians #
  • The attempt to reincarnate the Rocky Mountain News is almost dead on arrival due to lack of subscribers. http://is.gd/u9RK #
  • God, I am SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO sleepy! Sleep deprived week, again! I am thinking I’ll be in bed by 8:00 tonight. #fb #
  • Anyone have links/suggestions for good mashup blogs? #

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