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What god did the Boy Scouts piss off?

To paraphrase Douglas Adams, it appears that there is a God who is up to mischief. But what god? Hard to say, but whichever god it is, he or she or it is obviously pissed off at the Boy Scouts. Need proof? Over the last two weeks, the following has happened to the Boy Scouts… Read More »

Wanna know why I hate summer? 100F. That’s why I hate summer.

Need moar bagels!

Guess where we are at… (at Denver Merchandise Mart)

bad thing is that I lost three games of chess to it… (at RTD Market Street Station)

Bits like this are why people should be watching Rifftrax all the friggin’ time! rifftraxmike: It’s bothered me for more than 40 years. That line in David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” where Major Tom rather reasonably requests of Ground Control that they tell his wife he loves her very much and they slap him down without… Read More »