The wheels on the bus go round and *CRASH!*

By | April 20, 2009

So you know, I tend to take the bus in snowy/icy weather because I feel safer. Or at least I feel more relaxed. I get really, really tense driving in bad weather. As anyone who knows me or has worked with me can tell you. It’s to the point that I really don’t want to drive in that crap at all, unless I have no other choice. I’ll sit in the bus, listen to my iPod and read a book on my PDA, and leave the driving to the person getting paid $10 an hour to do it.

Anyway, it snowed like a mofo here Friday; by the time I got off the train, all of the roads around here were a mess. Icy, snowpacked… enough that our bus was 20 minutes late. I couldn’t wait to get into that bus. I was freezing, and freaked out. I hopped into the back back of the bus, and settled in for the ride.

Or so I thought.

The bus driver had to make a stop about half-way up a big hill. When he started trying to get back onto the road, the wheels on the bus started slipping, and the bus started sliding. There was one other person in the back of the bus with me. We both looked out the windows on the passenger side of the bus and noticed that the bus was sliding right towards a light pole. We looked at each other, exchanging identical expressions that said, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” A split second later, *BAM*

Amusingly, hitting the light pole gave the bus enough traction or momentum to start moving up the hill again. After a couple more minor fishtails, we were up and running, and didn’t have any more issues.

But seriously: the bus hit a fucking light pole! WTF was up with that?