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By | April 4, 2009
  • Already on second cup of coffee. Watching the snow in #denver. All together a fun morning. #fb #
  • third cup of joe. I think I am fully awake now. Gonna write an LJ post about my weekend, mebbe post a pic or two. #fb #
  • #Monday dislikes: No way for me to go catch up on all the tweets from the wknd. Being unplugged is good, but there’s a price. #
  • Holy crap, the train was late! That almost never happens, especially in good weather. Late enough that I couldn’t stop for coffee o.O #fb #
  • G’morn to all my tweeps, including @goodlaura @grimmtooth @SheriTingle @joshuagross et al. I’ve been offline for a couple days. Miss me? 🙂 #
  • Albert Gonzales – Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. #
  • NP: “Love Will Keep Us Alive”. Recalls The Dude saying: “…I hate the fucking Eagles, man!” #fb #
  • I hate to watch/read the news on April Fool’s Day. Maybe I’m grumpy from lack of sleep, but these fake news stories aren’t funny anymore #fb #
  • I just took the RealAge thingy, and I am not as old as I thought. I came out with a 40, which is only 2 years older than my calendar age #fb #
  • On the bus after a busy busy day. It is almost Friday, right? #fb #
  • Slept in through five alarm clock snoozes (sorry sweetie!) More awake than yesterday, though. #fb #
  • Note to self: read the label and indications before drugging one’s self. #fb #
  • Whoa, This American Life ran a story on the rise of broken teeth now ‘cuz of the recession. Wasn’t just me! And my dentist was right. #fb #
  • Hey, I was wrong, the active noise reduction on my new earbuds does work, and well. On the train, anyway. #
  • short twitter night for me tonight. g’night, everyone! #
  • Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that we are about to get buried by another foot of snow here in #denver. #fb #

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