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By | March 15, 2009
  • http://tinyurl.com/b7xeek #
  • I thought we’d get more than four MINUTES of snowfall! #
  • Colin: “It’s like coffee for my eyes.” #
  • I hate whoever thought that Daylight Savings Time was a good idea. 😛 #
  • Ah, coffee, my eternal friend and life-giving beverage, how I do loveth thee. #
  • RT@cnnbrk US President Barack Obama signs ordr revesing Bush policy that limited funding 4 stem cell research. Science returns to America! #
  • Mangoes from Peru. Oh so yummy! #
  • Using #twhirl, looking at other clients. Only Tweetdeck seems interesting, & it takes up too much screen space. I’m sticking w/ twhirl. #
  • y’know, I do sorta look like a Vogon… And I can be anal about having things filled out and submitted properly… #
  • Definitely a double triple latte day today. Once again, buying the espresso machine proves to have been ingenious. #
  • RT @WeeLaura: Bill Maher on Rush Limbaugh wanting Obama to fail: “We all say crazy shit when we’re high.” #
  • Max Headroom speaks for me: “PLEASE LET ME SLEEP!!!” #
  • Balancing checkbooks, I saw what looked like an entry for Costco for over a grand. My employer’s name looks too much like Costco… 😛 #
  • Dear neighbor with the dog who went crazy barking @ 2:00 this morning: unless there was a bear in the neighborhood, SHUT IT THE FUCK UP!!! #
  • How the morning started: car wouldn’t start ‘cuz it was almost out of gas and I parked on an incline. Had to roll the car to a flat spot #
  • Cleaning out my Friends list on Facebook. Gotta let go of the past a bit. #
  • I want the new facebook homepage! #
  • Still don’t have the new FB homepage. Other than that, good day. Tired, so very tired, but in a good way. #
  • Can’t get #twhirl to use #ping.fm. Enabled ping, pasted in app key, saved. Back into settings ping is disabled again and key field is empty. #
  • Accidentally skipped lunch today. Though I can stand to miss a meal or two. Going home early, probably. #
  • My Facebook friends list is starting to look a lot like my high school yearbook! #
  • Best part about #thedailyshow website: Outtakes of interviews. e.g. the anticipated interview w/ Jim Cramer: http://is.gd/n9EZ #
  • RT @dwiskus: Watching Stewart and Cramer is like watching the Sarlacc slowly digest Boba Fett. #
  • The BEST way to process Twitter Followers is to use a tool like @tweepler http://www.tweepler.com What do you think? #
  • #followfriday for amusing fake headlines and breaking news: @pourmecoffee #
  • #followfriday: @goodlaura and @twittlelaura are just simply too awesome for words. in reply to twittlelaura #
  • I still don’t have the new Facebook pages? WTF? Why do the people who don’t want the new design get it, and those who want it don’t? #
  • Trying to decide if I want a burrito or not… #
  • stopped and got a burrito at the roadside burrito stand. Got hot chili this time. OWIE! #

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