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  • Circuit city is up to 50-60% off and they are STILL overpriced. People are buying, though. #
  • I had no idea such a beat existed, but I now cannot live without this USB to SATA/IDE adaptor: http://is.gd/kpW7 #
  • #bsg holy war – Gaius Baltar on one side, John Cavil on the other, everyone else pawns caught in-between. #
  • Knee? mostly good. Lungs? better. In the office? Check. Good weekend? Check. Ready for the work week? Ask me in 8 hours… #
  • #BSG, most of the questions answered, most of the chessboard set, just need to set up Kara and endgame will commence. #
  • It’s just, materialism is not really [my] bag, man. #
  • One of the kajillion of things I love about gnu tools: almost all can handle multiple files #
  • I keep forgetting to turn down the volume on my music… #
  • It always takes me a while to get into the swing of Mondays. Usually I don’t catch up ’til Tuesday. #
  • groggy and sleepy this morn. Tweaked my knee putting together a child’s desk last night, otherwise still holding together. 🙂 #
  • When days get busy, they get DAMNED busy. Billy Joel had it right: “Too hot or too cold / there ain’t no in-betweens” #
  • I am the only team member in the office today. It’s empty in here, makes it hard to remember not to crank the tunes… #
  • i can’t believe i am in bed @ 9:30… #
  • hmm… running #ubuntu, #twhirl won’t seem to save any of my personal settings (accounts to open, settings for notifications, etc. #
  • Watched Obama’s address last night was inspiring. A president who is smart, funny, and unafraid of being honest with America. Hope lives! #
  • A President who demands accountability on the personal, corporate and governmental levels? Pinch me, I must be dreaming… #
  • Did Jindal even listen to President Obama’s speech? His “response” seems completely unrelated to the President’s address. #
  • Waking up: one night of good sleep plus percocet-fueled dreams does not help offset a week of poor sleep, apparently. #
  • busy busy last couple of days. No time for twitter, unfortunately. #
  • Dr’s appt. In Westminster. #
  • Day isn’t looking well. Forgot badge, had to sign on from Tattered Cover, slow net connection, burning feeling in knee after walk… #
  • I think it is time for #Olbermann to stop mentioning “Mission Accomplished” on #countdown. How ’bout “days since Hope came to Washington…” #
  • Note to self: Always listen to my wife when she says to go to bed. Way too tired today, even con una gran cantidad de café #
  • This news isn’t going to help me sleep beter tonight: http://is.gd/kZL8 #
  • RT @pcnerd37: RT @digiprod: Colorado’s oldest newspaper, Rocky Mountain News is shutting down tomorrow! 🙁 #
  • This has been one very weird, strange day. #
  • #AM760 – no more Glo, please!!! Can’t wait for Mario to get back… #
  • Wow, Brian Williams was AWESOME on #thedailyshow last night. #
  • Janeane Garofalo on #countdown last night was awesome – nervous but awesome. #
  • For those who still think that President #Obama is not a US Citizen: http://is.gd/4vF9 #
  • brrr. It is only 25 degrees out right now. Finally a little bit more winter during winter here in the Mile High city. #
  • Pink is one of my guilty pleasures on #musicfriday #
  • I keep forgetting my knee is still healing, and I do stupid things like tackling my kiddos, playing row the boat with them, morning walk… #
  • Whoa, cool. #am760 is moving Thom Hartmann to 1:00pm now that Randi Rhodes is outta here. #
  • In general, the ‘net seems very slow today. #
  • It’s dub day for me this #musicfriday. King Tubby and Scientist ftw! #
  • Off for the weekend. Peace out, everyone! #
  • #lost – I loves me some Locke eps! #
  • #Heroes Hey, why the season one repeat? oh, that was a new ep? fooled me. #
  • #bsg is slowing down the pace to a crawl. c’mon people! there’s only three eps left. kick this sucker into high gear!!! #

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