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By | May 4, 2008

I know that George W. likes to refer to himself as The Decider, but I think he is more The Contradictor. Or perhaps it is The Obfuscator. Whichever way you want to put it, Bush continues to mislead  the American public, even while being investigated for more nefarious deeds. For example, Bush decided to blame Congress for our current economic woes:

“Many Americans are understandably anxious about issues affecting their pocketbook,” Bush said in a White House news conference, held outdoors in an unseasonably cold and windy Rose Garden. “They’re looking to their elected leaders in Congress for action. Unfortunately, on many of these issues, all they’re getting is delay.” (via Yahoo! News)

Fortunately, some of the Democrats in Congress have realized they have absolutely no reason to put up with such crap from the most unpopular president in the history of the nation. Senator Harry Reid rightfully fired back:

“His call this morning for Congress to act is disingenuous at best,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said of Bush. “Whether on energy policy, the housing crisis or our many other economic woes, this administration and its Republican allies in Congress offer nothing but the same failed ideas that got us into this mess in the first place.”

It was, of course, pure hubris on Bush’s part to try and blame Congress for the current economic state. But that wasn’t the worst part of that news cycle. Instead, it was probably the best news coverage that the Bush administration received in the last week of April. The most damning – and the least covered – was a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) stating that the Bush administration has been purposefully working against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)! Ayup, that one was hard for me to believe, too:

The Bush administration is undermining the Environmental Protection Agency‘s ability to determine health dangers of toxic chemicals by letting nonscientists have a bigger — often secret — role, congressional investigators say in a report obtained by The Associated Press.The administration’s decision to give the Defense Department and other agencies an early role in the process adds to years of delay in acting on harmful chemicals and jeopardizes the program’s credibility, the Government Accountability Office concluded. (also via Y! News)

So apparently the Bush administration was not happy with castrating the EPA by turning it into an Orwellian department working against the protection of the enviornment. Instead, they also added unnecessary, informal roadblocks to any real work that migh’ve occurred at the EPA.



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