Trinidad in the news? I can guarantee this isn’t going to be good…

By | April 30, 2008

Anytime that my original hometown Trinidad, CO is in the news, I cringe. There is never any good news from the area picked up in press from the bigger cities here in Colorado. Never, ever. Trinidad only hits the radar when something really bad, or really stupid, happens.

This time around? Turns out it was both, of course. Apparently, a teenage boy was shot in the head while playing Russian roulette. No, seriously! The boy’s brother and mother had been toking on some weed in their car. Their mom noticed that they had a gun, and told them something along the lines of, “have fun, you two, just take all the bullets out of the gun before someone gets shot in the head.” The siblings decided it would be more fun to leave one bullet in the gun and play a little Russian roulette. The results were, at least, not tragic.

Now the best part of all of this? The family called the police and said that a masked man was the actual trigger person. Apparently they thought that the Lone Ranger didn’t like the boy’s skateboarding skills. Or something.

I tell you, there’s a reason that I don’t do pot!

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