Arguments against the war

By | January 15, 2007

(via The Rude Pundit)

“We are the greatest military power and we don’t need to prove our military power. I think we are superbly well-placed, equipped to take the initiative in this and create the atmosphere for negotiations by ceasing bombings and some of the other things we are doing. Now if our nation insists on escalating the war and if we don’t see any changes, it may be necessary to engage in civil disobedience to further arouse the conscience of the nation and make it clear we feel this is hurting our country.”And I might say this is another basic reason why I am involved and concerned. It is because I love America. I am not engaged in a hate America campaign. I would hope that the people of this country standing up against the war are standing up against it because they love America and because they want to see our great nation really stand up as the moral example of the world.

“The fact is we have alienated ourselves from so much of the world and have become morally and politically isolated as the result of our involvement in the war…”

That quote sounds like it could apply directly to the current war in Iraq. But it was said almost 40 years ago by the Reverend Martin Luther King. The end of that last sentence is “…in Vietnam.” It is sad that, four decades later, those words are relevant once again.

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