Heat your house *and* generate electricity

By | November 20, 2006

Now this is what I am talking about. There’s a new type of home furnace which not only provids heat, but also generates electricity!

There’s a new fad starting, which might eventually prove to be more a revolution than a fad: an efficient furnace that also generates electricity.The “micro-combined-heat-and-power” units, or CHPs, turns natural gas into hot water and generates up to $800 a year in electricity, the Christian Science Monitor reported Tuesday.

They seem kinda pricey at $20,000. But estimates  are that these will pay for each other within 3-7 years. I wonder if they qualify for tax rebates, too, for people who live in an area that provides alternative energy tax breaks? All I know is that, when our furnace finally kicks the bucket (and I’m hoping that’s at least a decade away), I’m signing up for one of these puppies!