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If you don’t like the facts, change ’em!

Leave it to that dastardly Dick Cheney to leave out facts because they don’t jive with the admnistration’s policies: Seeking to play down the effects of global warming, Vice President Dick Cheney’s office pushed to delete from congressional testimony references about the consequences of climate change on public health, a former senior EPA official claimed… Read More »

Bush administration finally called to task for global warming deceptions

For the past five years, the Bush administration got away with distorting facts about the effects of global warming. In less than a month, the Democratic congress is already tearing through the deceptions and holding the Bush administration over the coals: Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) blasted the alleged political meddling, calling it “George Orwell at… Read More »

Heat your house *and* generate electricity

Now this is what I am talking about. There’s a new type of home furnace which not only provids heat, but also generates electricity! There’s a new fad starting, which might eventually prove to be more a revolution than a fad: an efficient furnace that also generates electricity.The “micro-combined-heat-and-power” units, or CHPs, turns natural gas… Read More »

California’s new solar energy policy

Big news out of California last week, as Arnold Schwarzenegger signed California’s new solar power policy into law: The bill, which cleared the state Senate last week, calls for the installation of 1 million rooftop solar panels on homes, businesses, farms, schools and public buildings by 2018. The solar systems would generate 3,000 megawatts of… Read More »

Tips to improve fuel economy

Wanna save some money by not fuelling up so often? Edmunds.com has posted a list of tips for increasing fuel economy: “By changing your driving habits you can improve fuel economy up to 37 percent right away (depending on how you drive). Combine several tips and perform routine maintenance and you will save real dollars,… Read More »

Another wind farm for Xcel

I know that I like to point out all the bad news that Xcel Energy generates. I figure I should balance that out with some good news: according to 9news.com, Xcel has a new wind farm coming! From the article: “An Oregon company says it’ll build a 50-turbine wind farm in southeastern Colorado, big enough… Read More »