Sometimes I am not proud to live in Highlands Ranch…

By | July 29, 2006

For the most part, I love living in Highlands Ranch. Sure it is a suburb, but it’s a nice one. And there’s plenty to do here. But the political climate here often gives me reason to be less than proud. Voters here routinely elects possibly-racist candidates like Tom Tancredo and Ted Harvey. And it turns out that around 13 of my fellow citizens gave money to the Swift Boat Veterans For “Truth” group. The area is very conservative and very Republican. And anyone who has read this blog knows that is most definitely not me.

I was encouraged, however, to see a minivan plastered with bumper stickers including “Bill Winter For Congress” and a big W with a strike-through. We had to stop at a red light, and as we pulled up to the intersection, the driver got a look at my bumper stickers (I rotate them out, but currently have a slash-W and a “Stop The War” sticker). The driver looked over and gave me a thumbs-up with a big smile.

The tide is turning!

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