Bob Beauprez – Who wants this guy to be governor?

By | June 23, 2006

Anyone who seriously thinks that Bob Beauprez would be a good governor for the state of Colorad really, really needs to read’s profile of Bob Beauprez. Anyone who isn’t scared away by the following passage needs to re-evaluate their priorities:

A devout Catholic who says he has been visited by his late father’s spirit, Beauprez says he is guided in politics by his faith and his dad’s example. He speaks as though it’s his destiny to succeed Republican Bill Owens as governor and cast his own shadow of decency throughout Colorado.”It’s sort of an unspoken thing. People need better role models in public life. I didn’t think Ozzie and Harriet were so bad,” he says.

But ask what Beauprez plans to do as governor, and his answer is less than specific.

“I don’t blame people for being cynical about what this (governorship) will look like,” he says. “I guess people won’t know … until after the fact.”

So Beauprez feels that he is entitled to be the governor. So much so that he doesn’t even need to tell us just how he’ll go about running the state if he is elected. We’re just supposed to elect him because he listens to ghosts and is a Republican, apparently. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

For all my fellow Coloradoans, please do the right thing and vote Bill Ritter into office in a landslide. Ritter is intelligent, dedicated, forthcoming, open about his plans and his beliefs. He is a very strong candidate for governorship. Beauprez? Well, to be semi-polite about this, lemme just say that it might be best for everyone if Beauprez’s political career is over and Bob finds other things to preoccupy himself with.

Vote for Bill Ritter!