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Governor Ritter’s running with the ball

By | May 1, 2008

When now-Governor Bill Ritter was running for office, he promised to make a number of changes in Colorado, centering around education, health care and renewable fuels. We’re about four months into Ritter’s first term, and we are already seeing a couple of major initiatives on Ritter’s part, including: College scholarships funded by the oil and… Read More »

Racist joke leaves em gasping

By | January 20, 2008

So Bill Farr attempted to tell a joke, and ended up making a racist statement which offended most everyone in the room (from the Rocky Mountain News): William R. Farr was pretending to read telegrams congratulating this years award recipient, University of Colorado President Hank Brown, when he pulled out a piece of paper and… Read More »

Ritter signs bill to protect gays from discrimination

By | May 25, 2007

Huzzah! Here’s yet another reason to rejoice over Bill Ritter being elected governor last year. The Colorado governor signed a bill to protect gays from discriminatio (via 9NEWS.com): Gay people would be protected from being fired based on their sexual orientation under a bill signed into law Friday by Governor Bill Ritter. This is the… Read More »

No funding delays for developmentally delayed kids

By | May 18, 2007

So what happens when a state has both a Democratic congress and Governor? Turns out, really, really good things. Including a bill signed by Governor Ritter earlier this week guaranteeing no funding delays for developmentally delayed kids (via 9News.com): Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Colorado) signed Senate Bill 4 into law Tuesday at the annual lunch to… Read More »