Awesome indie protest CD

By | May 4, 2006

What’s better than Pearl Jam recording an anti-Bush song? How about Elmer Creek Conspiracy’s America In Denial, a CD recorded by an indie group consisting of “two Vietnam vets and two Canadians from a borderline community, with backgrounds ranging through folk, blues, country and jazz [who] have come together to bring forth a different kind of state of the union address.”

The songs are brilliant, including “Promised Land” (a song about illegal immigration) and the title track, which aims to show just how blind mainstream America has been to the abuses perpetrated by the Bush administration.

Music has a way of getting a point across where text or speech cannot. Hopefully enough people here this CD to make a difference.

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  1. Ginny in CO

    I am promoting this CD as far and wide as possible. The songs are beautiful. Music and lyrics are moving to begin with and will grow on you. I’ve had my CD for 5 days and I can sing along with most of them. In obviously 21st century music and lyrics, they make me think of Peter, Paul and Mary. They don’t sing together except in the refrains, the songs have the same positive effect of a good song to change things for the better.
    If you are spending a lot of time bouncing between depression, anger, and frustration; I think you will find this CD is good for your own spirit. It sure has been for me.
    The lyrics are at their site with links to the audio samples and my full review on the Democratic Daily

    Check it out. Buy one and stick it in your car CD to play in the commuter crawl 🙂


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