Homophobes trying to ban gay adoptions

By | February 22, 2006

Never under-estimate the vileness of a homophobe: Drives to ban gay adoption heat up in 16 states.

Efforts to ban gays and lesbians from adopting children are emerging across the USA as a second front in the culture wars that began during the 2004 elections over same-sex marriage.

Steps to pass laws or secure November ballot initiatives are underway in at least 16 states, adoption, gay rights and conservative groups say. Some – such as Ohio, Georgia and Kentucky – approved constitutional amendments in 2004 banning gay marriage. (Related story: Both sides cite concern for children)

“Now that we’ve defined what marriage is, we need to take that further and say children deserve to be in that relationship,” says Greg Quinlan of Ohio’s Pro-Family Network, a conservative Christian group.

Let me make my feelings very clear on this issue: It is evil to restrict a devoted and responsible couple the opportunity to adopt a child. It doesn’t matter what sex the members of the couple are. Studies have proven over and over again that homosexual couples make just as good parents as heterosexual couples. This type of ban hurts prospective parents, and it hurts children who have a chance to go to a great home.

It’s evil to stop this!

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