If you call that love, leave me out!

By | February 5, 2006

Ugh. Doublespeak is alive and well here in Colorado. Coloradans for Marriage, a group of homophobes who don’t have the courage to admit that they are homophobes, have come up with a unique justification to try to pass an anti-gay marriage amendment: love.

Saying they were motivated by love, a coalition of religious and family groups formally kicked off a drive Wednesday for an amendment to the state constitution that would bar gay marriage.

Coloradans for Marriage submitted the proposed wording of the amendment to the Legislative Council office at the state Capitol, the first step toward getting it on the ballot this fall.

The group’s president, Bishop Phillip H. Porter Jr., said the group was acting with “the love of a mother, the gentle guidance of a caring father” to preserve marriage and protect children.

He said the proposed amendment was not about hatred toward gay people.

These types of people are amazing to me. I actually have more respect for someone who comes out and says, “I don’t like gays,” instead of someone who says, “oh, no, I have nothing against gay people. I just don’t want them to have any rights.” Don’t try to hide your prejudices behind pleasantries and double-speak.

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