Republican to lead the charge against an anti-gay-marriage amendment in Colorado?

By | January 16, 2006

Well now this is extremely interesting: Sean Duffy, Republican and former Communications Director under Governor Owens here in Colorado, will apparently lead the opposition to an anti-gay-marriage amendment here in Colorado (via

I’m kind of cynical, so my first instinct is to say, “yeah, right, sure… I’m supposed to believe that someone like Duffy would actually support gay rights, or at least would work to have rights taken away from gays? Sell me another bridge, why dontcha.” But it turns out that this is exactly what Duffy is going to do:

Duffy said he knows that many conservatives may be surprised by his involvement in the issue, but he believes many Republicans share his belief that gays should be “left alone.”

“I have a number of conservative friends who are on board with what I’m doing in terms of gay rights,” Duffy said. “There are a lot of folks ideologically on the Republican side who believe putting a ban on gay marriage in the state constitution is overstepping government authority.”

Duffy actually sounds like a reasonable guy regarding this issue. Will he actually come through? I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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