Republican party split in Colorado?

By | January 7, 2006

It looks like the Colorado state Republican party is starting to split due to pressure fromthe party’s ultra-conservative members:

…On Dec. 21, Larson abruptly withdrew from the 6th District state Senate race against incumbent Jim Isgar, D-Hesperus. Fallout from Larson’s departure has rippled through Colorado political circles. A Larson victory was widely considered the party’s best chance of reversing the Democrats’ 18-17 margin in the state Senate.

Again Wednesday, Larson accused hard-line right wingers of purging party moderates, even if it means losing races. Another La Plata County Republican, former U.S. Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Ignacio, echoed Larson’s criticism. On Tuesday, he flatly ruled out a run for governor on the GOP ticket, citing the “absolute obedience” demanded by powerful conservatives. has more articles following the story and showing the larger picture of the chasm growing in the Republican party. It isn’t going to take much for moderates to be completely disenfranchised from the Republican party. And that can only mean good things for the Democrats.