Coloradoans say Yes on Referendum C, but no on D

By | November 2, 2005

Yes on C and DThis probably should’ve been expected: Colorado voters approved referendum C, but not D.

“The real focus of their efforts was to pass C,” said Ciruli. Referendum D was some extra bonding to make up for past cuts, “icing on the cake,” said Ciruli.

Ciruli said at least some conservatives may have decided to support C but not D because they didn’t want to give the state any more money. He said some voters feel strongly that the state shouldn’t go into debt.

Colorado tends to be a very moderate state. Everything balances out. We vote for Republican federal legislators but Democratic state legislators. We vote more tax money for schools, but a taxpayer’s bill of rights. It shouldn’t be surprising that we voted to fix TABOR and the state budget, but voted against taking the state into debt.

All in all, I’m quite happy. Referendum C was the important part. Getting that passed is a very good thing.

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