More embarrassment for Bush – “Impromptu” conversation with troops

By | October 16, 2005

Well, if you’ve gotta embarrass yourself, might as well embarrass yourself on a satellite feed:

The White House had painted the event as an impromptu conversation with the troops, but video from the satellite feed before the event gave lie to those claims. The ten US soldiers and one Iraqi were coached in their answers before the event by Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Allison Barber. She stood at the White House podium where Bush would later stand, she read part of his opening remarks and then proceeded to outline the questions Bush would ask.

This story has been getting some pretty good press. From respondents laughing about it on CNN to the local reporters here in Denver actually mentioning this on the morning news (national events almost never make a dent) to the Decatur Daily writing an editorial saying, “The event was almost comical in its presentation, not unlike a poorly produced high school drama production. In a way, the conversation was similar to a young child reciting the pledge of allegiance by rote or reading a prayer from a book,” this story has made the rounds.

Maybe it’s just one more possible event to wake up mainstream America to the true Bush administration.

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