Undoing Colorado Amendment 2

By | April 22, 2005

It’s been 13 years since Colorado passed the horribly intolerant (and unconstitutional) Amendment 2, forbidding anti-discrimination protection for the GBLT community. Since the US Supreme Court struck down this amendment, there’s been attempts to grant anti-discrimination protection for homosexuals. Every time this issue comes up for a vote, though, it gets voted down.

However, things may just be changing. After an emotional debate at the Capital, a state senate bill passed.

‘Until you have that in your family and it affects you directly, don’t be talking about ‘abomination,’ because I don’t believe that’s true,’ Sen. Abel Tapia said.

He was responding to Sen. Ron Teck, R-Grand Junction, who said the bill could force his family ‘to accept an abomination.’

The Senate backed the measure (Senate Bill 28) on a voice vote.

It would have to pass a second vote in the Senate before it could move to the House.

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